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My readings are a conversation with the other side, whether that is connecting with your spirit guides or with loved ones who have passedMy primary gift is helping people move forward in life. I feel deep gratitude for my ability to act as a conduit to support people on their journey through life.  Gifted since birth, I have always been able to hear the other side, but as a child I did not always know which thoughts were my own and which were the voices from the other side. So as a child I spoke of things that adults said , "I had no way of knowing" which made them quite uncomfortable.  My gift has grown over the years, and after 17 years of quietly sharing it with family and friends, I have been led to share with you now.

I am able to easily do readings over the phone.  It does not matter what your question is or where you live, what matters is your willingness to ask, and I will relay whatever information the other side has to offer.  I never censor what I hear.  I only repeat what is said to me because it is not mine to decide what you should be told.  I am merely the messenger, and they are your messages.  You get to decide how in depth you want your reading to be and I am here to support you on your journey.

Sometimes during a reading, Spirit leads us to an idea that allows you greater understanding of yourself, a concept, or someone in your life, so that you can experience emotional or spiritual healing.

If for any reason, I do not hear anything, or it is not the right time for your reading, I will not charge you. I will NEVER fake it because this gift is a blessing from G-d.

If emailing me, please include your phone number so that I may call you to discuss your needs.

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