Ryka George has been psychic since childhood. As a child she didn't realize that everyone didn't have voices in their heads that spoke to them. Because she had no other experience, she tended to share what she heard so, she spent her first 10 years dealing with adults saying, " You can't possibly know that." Or they said, " You need to mind your own business, young lady!"  So at age 10, she stopped listening and only the really urgent messages were the ones that she listened to and repeated.  And most of those messages had to do with health and safety of those that she loved. This approach continued until around age 30 when the doors blew open, and the voices became very loud, and she knew that she no longer could deny her gift. 

So around age 30, she began to share her gift with friends, and by 35 she thought about starting to read for the public.  Spirit was not in favor of this idea.  She was told, "You're not ready. You are going to hurt people. It is all about your ego. No, absolutely not!"  So she went on to do other work.

At 46, after doing her second paid reading for a friend who had insisted that she pay Ryka for the amazing readings that she had been gifting her for years, Spirit insisted, that it was TIME!

Ryka was a bit startled and questioned both Spirit and her friend who was also quite insistent that she begin reading for the public.  So, officially on October 1, 2012 she began Readings by Ryka.

Her readings and public events have been very well received.  She has been blessed with amazing clients from all over the US and Canada and will continue expanding her business to serve more clients.