Do I need to be in person to have a reading?  Are in person readings better?

No, I can easily do readings over the phone.

Are you going to use cards or anything else for my reading?

I do not need any tools to do a reading since I am a Clairaudient . A Clairaudient is someone who can hear the other side clearly. It is from the French words meaning, "clear hearing".  For me it is like having a phone conversation with the other side and you benefit by being told exactly what they say.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A Psychic can hear your spirit guides and a Medium is someone who can talk to those who have passed.  I have the ability to do both.

What do I need to do to prepare for a reading?

It is helpful to have an idea of what you would like to ask before we meet and to be in an area where you have privacy and do not feel distracted by others.  This is a time to focus on yourself.

How long is a reading?

I schedule readings for either 1 hour or up to 2 hours in length and since it is a conversation with the other side a lot of ground gets covered and most people can easily fill an hour or more with their questions.

Can you do parties or large gatherings?

I will be glad to provide my services for any gathering large or small, please note that the nature of my readings tend to lend themselves to being quite personal so I prefer to work quietly in a corner one on one and guests can take turns receiving readings.  Call me and we can discuss your needs and my availability.

What is a spirit guide?

My understanding of a spirit guide is an energetic being that helps to guide a person's life.  From my experience, I have never met anyone who did not have several energies on the other side supporting them on their journey through life.  From my perspective, spirit guides are your personal help system and they are only there for your benefit.

Is a Spirit Guide different from a deceased relative?

From my understanding, yes.  The energy from your guides feels different and relatives almost always give you information that confirms that it is them, like a calling card; for example a sound associated only with them or a phrase that only they would use.

What type of information do you get during a reading?

My clients receive information that is helpful, loving and well timed to aid them in their lives.  Please read some testimonials to better understand how I can help.

Do you work with people who live outside the US?

I am able to work with anyone who I can call on a phone or through online video calling.

I am available for phone consulations, in person appointments and gatherings, please contact me regarding scheduling, fees and payments:

I can be reached at  ryka@

Or by phone (512) 825-3205

Or through my contact page