My consultations cover a wide variety of subjects and are tailored to the needs of  each person. 

I have assissted people in many ways, here are just a few:

  • Facilitate an opportunity to Identify, Remove, Heal and Change ideas and Life Patterns that are causing problems or blockages
  • Career Coaching
    • New Job Possibilities
    • Interviewing Insights
    • Improving your current work environment
    • Opening or Closing a Business
  • Address Interpersonal Relationship Issues and Questions regarding
    • Family
    • Love Life
    • Friends
    • Co-workers

  • Spiritual Teaching
    • Psychic Life Coaching
    • Teaching people how to use their gifts

Psychic consultations are how I financially support my family, please pick a fee that honors your family as well as mine. My rates are on a sliding scale from *$80-$150 for one hour and *$150-$500 for up to 2 hours I choose to have a sliding scale in order to remain accessible to a wide range of clients. My focus is on helping people make their lives easier in whatever way possible. You pay for your reading via credit card when you schedule with me, this holds your space on my calendar. I then call you at our agreed upon time. If you are in the Austin Area, and would like to have your reading in person, please tell me and we can discuss that option.

*Please contact me regarding pricing if you are a full time student and you will be the one paying for your session.

Gatherings and Parties

You have 2 options when scheduling me for a gathering. A series of private readings or a gallery reading.  For groups I have a 2 hour minimum.  Please contact me regarding details and my availability.  (512) 825-3205

House Clearings and House Blessings

I do this type of work on a case by case basis because I want to be sure I am the right person to address your individual needs.  Feel free to email me  through my contact page but be sure to send me your phone number or call me between 10am and 10pm and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I am also listed on

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