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Akashic Records Readings

For those who don’t know what the Akashic Records are, think of The Akashic Records as a cosmic library with information about everyone who has ever lived on the earth and everything that has ever existed here. Within The Records, there are librarians (also known as the Masters) and teachers who are there to help you.

The Records are a sacred place where our Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones have access to boundless information. It is a place where truth is shared, and healing, growth, and connection can occur effortlessly. That does not mean that it is always easy in The Records. It just means that sometimes, all you need to do to receive healing is to ask. The Records have unique healing energies that are transformative. The Records are there to add clarity to our lives. The work done in The Records is at the soul level and always for your highest good. As humans, we must heal layer by layer, but the Records seem to accelerate our growth while bathing us in love and appreciation for who we are in the moment.

An Akashic Records reading provides information which then creates transformation, healing, and awakening. Through the Pathway Prayer Process developed by Linda Howe, we enter the heart of The Records. This process is not a psychic activity; however, my intuitive gifts seem to enhance and accelerate what occurs for my clients. What, How and Why are helpful questions to ask in The Records. My clients report significant changes that are happening as a direct result of their sessions in The Records.ngs.

Kari wants to share her experience with you:

I’ve worked with Ryka several times addressing various issues and concerns. Time with Ryka is always a joy and a blessing. I always feel a connected sense of understanding and get answers to things I often didn’t even know I had questions about. However, nothing has been more profound than the Akashic healing session I had with Ryka. It was immensely restorative and healing on a very deep level, as though a weight had been lifted that I was unaware I was carrying. The experience is very hard to put into words. I felt as though I was able to connect with my own soul and understand myself in a way that I never have. I truly look forward to diving deeper with more sessions. It does take a few days to process the initial deep healing effects of the session, but there is an ongoing awakening and healing that continues to grow. Looking into my akashic records with Ryka has also given me a much more compassionate view of other people. By glimpsing into the past and wisdom of my soul’s path I was awakened on some level and my perspective broadened in just that first akashic session. I’m always amazed at what I learn about spirituality, about myself and the deep issues we are able to nail so quickly working with Ryka.

Kari Cooper

Austin, TX

Sometimes, when we access the Akashic Records, we discover information about a past life that is currently affecting us in this life. Elle Benson recently had that experience:

I have an upcoming court case that I am very anxious about. I have had several readings with Ryka in the past, but I still had the anxiety about the court case.
Ryka suggested that we try the Akashic records for answers and healing to see if that would help.
One of the questions that the records answered was what had happened in a previous life that I had brought over to this lifetime. In a previous life, I had sold my children because I thought that was best for their survival. In this life, all of my decisions are based on what is best for my children. I had brought this maternal instinct over into this life to ensure the safety and well being of my children. It was an eye-opener for me but answered why I was so fierce when it came to my children’s protection.
After my reading, I no longer felt anxious when I thought about the upcoming court case. In the past when I would have to deal with anything for the court case, I would be anxious for days at a time, but now I shrug it off and move on with my day.

Elle Benson

Fort Worth, TX

Life patterns can change in The Records. For Karla, she was able to release family patterns that had been driving her to distraction for years. She felt stuck in a cycle of fear and emotional torment, when she consulted the records, all that fell away and she gained clarity.

I have worked with Ryka for years. A regular session with Ryka helps me identify issues and figure out what actions I can take to make my life better.
An Akashic record reading is like walking into another room and effortlessly resolving issues that I didn’t know how to fix. Some of my problems were twisted and connected to life patterns that were ingrained in me from as far back as I can remember.
Entering the records with Ryka’s assistance helped me heal multi-generational behaviors, biases, patterns, and fearful reactions to stressful situations.
I felt off center and out of balance since the death of my husband and the recent unexpected death of my brother. I had worked through many issues after my husband’s passing, but all of my regret and sadness came roaring back after my brother died. I was deeply sad, and I felt pressured and overwhelmed because of their decisions and judged for the choices I was making.
When we entered the Akashic records, the initial shift was dramatic. All the sharp edges and pressure that had surrounded me vanished. I felt relaxed. No more feeling overwhelmed by loss and tasks that needed to be done. We addressed family issues surrounding loss and grief that shaped my childhood and colored my present. Consulting the records allowed me to walk away from old familiar behaviors and reactions to find a healthier way to respond and react. I no longer feel frantic when situations change, or things come up unexpectedly. Sadness and regret no longer crowd my dreams. I am calmer and more centered. Expectations from my childhood do not color the decisions I make. I am clear that the issues I am dealing with were theirs, not mine. I am only cleaning up after them.

Karla Seidel

Winona, MN

With my gifts, I help you answer your questions so you can move forward in your life. A Records reading is for you if you are over the age of 18 and are feeling drawn to The Records. We can work over the phone or in person.