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At first, I was intimidated by the concept of all this (guides, mediums, etc.) but Ryka is seriously beyond words amazing. She connects with you, and it feels like you’re with a friend. This last reading literally changed my life. Ryka helped me work on myself, my career, and I got to hear from a passed family member. Thanks to Ryka and my Guides, I instantly felt at peace, and I could breathe easier. I learned so much, and I have faith in myself again. You won’t be disappointed I promise!

Lauren Auldridge

Austin, Texas

I had my first reading with Ryka a few days ago. While I was originally seeking answers for something totally different than what my Guides gave, it was because Ryka keyed in to the bigger picture and underlying issues, and she and my guides were able to redirect my focus to the true issues, and give me tools for the future. I’m already ready for my next reading!!

Ashley Caldwell

Houston, Texas

I had my first session with Ryka yesterday, as I drove into her neighborhood I had this calming feeling move over me and the sensation that I was visiting an old friend- this continued as I was greeted by her wife Crystal and comfortably accepted into their home…. As our session started I became very aware of how gifted this woman is.. Subtle thoughts of mine would develop as she’d receive messages from my spirit guide and as our session grew I realized she was acknowledging the part of me that didn’t want to accept or trust my intuition… Before arriving I had this full on desire to get gigantic revelations on the spirit world and she was able to bring me back to…. “but baby, you’re not healed…. you’re doing great, you’re growing… but you have to love yourself first. Do you need to know how your pancreas works? do you need to tell your lungs to breath…so lets just handle the biggest issue today, you.” She together with her gift of communicating with my guides, was able to ground me, give confidence, along with the guidance needed during a struggling time in my life. I will continue to call upon Ryka, as I know that she genuinely has helped bring me clarity. I would highly recommend this gifted and compassionate reader of truth to anyone needing guidance in all parts of life.

Austin, Texas

Ryka is truly AWESOME! She has many unique gifts, but her ability to quickly connect with you and determine what is causing you to be stuck, indecisive or just overhwelmed is AMAZING! She then works with you to help you heal the things that are causing you to not be able to move forward. With her guidance and expertise, I was able to work through a very old issue in my life and make HUGE progress in one visit, and I had been working on this same situation for many years, and never was able to make much progress. Her gentle, healing approach gave me the confidence and courage to make some key changes in this relationship and my life. I would absolutely recommend Ryka to anyone who is ready to get “unstuck”. THANK YOU so much!
Darlene Templeton

Austin, Texas

I had my session with Ryka today and I feel so back on track and peaceful. I am grateful to know that when I hit those “roadblocks” and confusing twists and turns in my life, I have someone I can call to help me navigate successfully through them. She helped me see where a situation I have felt some responsibility in and obligation with is not my responsibility at all. Whew! One less responsibility. Thank you, Ryka!
Anita Lane

Austin, Texas

Through a chance and serendipitous meeting, I recently connected with Ryka. Little did either of us know what direction that meeting would take us, but the deep trust and rapport we both felt was undeniable. Ryka is authentic to the her core and it ripples through to you whether you’ve physically met or not. Typically, I rely on my own intuition and wisdom for guidance, but I experienced a strong pull to have a reading with Ryka, in particular around some significant decisions and opportunities that I wanted clarity on. Ryka shed light on these areas and took it even deeper, uncovering some blockages that were keeping me stuck. She also revealed where I need to be focusing my energies in relationships, including my kids, that was very insightful and helpful for improving some current challenges. This whole experience was unlike any other. I trust Ryka for guidance, and would refer her to my friends and family anytime.
Jennifer Horton

San Diego, California

I have know Ryka for *^}{% years. :^) I knew she did reading for friends who had glowing things to say. I never asked her for a reading until last week. I was not sure how to proceed because we are treading on the scalloped edges of my personal belief system. The time I spent with Ryka was revealing, thought provoking, highly amusing, clarifying, immensely interesting and all around a delightful experience. Some information was not new, some was very new, and some was surprising. I have much to process. My recommendation: go in with an open mind, be specific, take what your given, and laugh a little!
Laura Blunk

Wimberly, Texas

Thanks so much Ryka for sharing your wildly insightful gift with me and my family. You even connected with our dog’s guides! We now see a series of chaotic, traumatic events in the context of growth, and are in a place of hope and gratitude. I’m amazed at the exactness and significance of key words and phrases you used in our conversation. Bang on – gave me shivers. More importantly, it gave me clarity and simple, ‘doable’ tools for healing and moving forward.
Angie Evans

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Utilizing someone with this type of gift can be intimidating, and when you are raised in a religious household there is an underlying fear of tapping into something evil. So I took the advise of a very smart person I work with and went in to the session with the attitude of asking a friend for advice. I lost my fiancé in 2009 and had not really been able to move on. I was trapped in guilt and a sense of disloyalty when I considered looking for a new relationship. The connection that Ryka made gave me reassurance that it was ok for me to seek someone new and that I had no reason to feel guilty. While, as I told Ryka, I was not sure if it was my fiancée that came through (didn’t speak as he did) it was someone who was most definitely there when he passed. This was very therapeutic for me- I feel a sense of peace and release. This is a wonderful gift.
Sandra Linscott

San Antonio, Texas

Ryka and I met in high school and when I read that she had chosen to share her gift with others I started thinking that it could be a way to get through a terrible feeling of anger I had towards one person that had been festering inside of me for years. Then I read a testimonial from one of her clients and it spoke to me, it convinced me that this could help. We scheduled our reading and talked on the phone for two hours. I have been waiting to write my testimonial because I expected an overwhelming sense of peace and change, but the change has been subtle and thus I have to remind myself, again, to not have expectations. Now I see that the change has been gentle and peaceful as it should be. When I see or talk to this person now, I don’t want to hurt him for what he did to me, I deal with it and it is good. I have also noticed I have been able to handle other parts of my life in a more calmer and less anxious way.
Kim Carlson

Clayton, Delaware

I have know Ryka since we were 10 years old. In recent years, I have come to know her gift and have found it especially helpful during the past year. On one occasion during a phone call, I was able to talk with another friend’s son who had passed about a year earlier. This discussion brought comfort in the fact that the young man is at peace and gave me some ideas on how to attempt to comfort his mother. More recently, I was able to have one of her readings. Like many of us, I am in a time of great transition in my life. Ryka’s reading answered my most important questions and gave me confidence in the direction I am choosing for my life at this time. I also now have direction for my own personal growth within and beyond this time of change. Following the reading I have felt more at peace and confident with myself then I had in years. Thank you Ryka!
Christine T.

Kittredge, Colorado

I’ve called on Ryka’s talents several times for insights to my work situation and re-settling after lots of personal change & disruption. She’s helped me find words where I had none of my own or needed a new set of them to improve outcomes. Ryka’s guidance is both practical and direct, which suits me well. You can trust her to call it as it is. True to her integrity – if she’s not detecting a strong signal, she’ll tell you that too. Whether you feel the world is on top of you, or you are on top of the world – Ryka is the right next step. More recently, I was able to have one of her readings. Like many of us, I am in a time of great transition in my life. Ryka’s reading answered my most important questions and gave me confidence in the direction I am choosing for my life at this time. I also now have direction for my own personal growth within and beyond this time of change. Following the reading I have felt more at peace and confident with myself then I had in years. Thank you Ryka!

Dallas, Texas

The first time I visited with Ryka, I was hesitant about the whole experience, what to expect, what to believe, how to listen to the advice I was given. What struck me as awe-inspiring, was the amount of emphasis on certain aspects of my life I was ignoring, but were most undeniable. She helped me see problem areas within my career, and that wasn’t even on my list of topics to discuss. Her perception and guidance really helped me take hold of these difficult areas and reroute my life in ways that have strengthened me. The symbolic images she was given regarding aspects of my life still blow me away, but more so, have brought an awareness about myself and helped me to step out of my box, and see myself in a bigger, healthier way. She also picked up on problem areas within my writing, which was another area I wasn’t expecting to discuss! I highly recommend anyone visiting with Ryka about any part of your life. You might be surprised to discuss something you weren’t expecting!More recently, I was able to have one of her readings. Like many of us, I am in a time of great transition in my life. Ryka’s reading answered my most important questions and gave me confidence in the direction I am choosing for my life at this time. I also now have direction for my own personal growth within and beyond this time of change. Following the reading I have felt more at peace and confident with myself then I had in years. Thank you Ryka!
Aimee Teague

Austin, Texas

During my reading, which was so spot-on, Ryka was able to get to the root of an issue that had been plaguing me my whole life. I feel confident that I could never have resolved it on my own; I’d been working on it for nearly 10 years, and even therapists and psychologists couldn’t help me make the shift. In one evening with Ryka, this issue was cleared. Now, my stress level is down probably 70%, and life is just easier since I feel so much calmer. I even experienced a family emergency a couple days later and was able to handle everything with strength and grace. She is AMAZING. I will definitely work with her again and recommend her to anyone.
Jennifer S.

Austin, Texas

I rarely get readings from others, and when I do, it’s because I want someone reliable to give me the truth that I need to hear. Ryka is a truth speaker! Our session answered all of my questions, set me back on track, and gave me the clarity I had been looking for but couldn’t quite seem to get on my own. Ryka is one of the very few psychics that I whole-heartedly recommend.
Trece Spalten

Austin, Texas

I met Ryka a few years ago and have called on her several times since. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but quickly realized that she was clearly gifted, speaking about things she couldn’t have otherwise known! She has helped me tremendously in my personal and business life. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Joe Casey

Clearwater, Florida

I discovered Ryka a few months ago and have seen her several times now. She is both gifted and kind, and shares from Spirit what is truly meant to heal. Although I did not intend to see her for therapy, much of what we have addressed is certainly beneficial in that area. She even called once to inform me privately of a medical issue I needed to address, and with her help it’s now gone. Many thanks for sharing your gifts with us, Ryka.
Barbara Roeling

Austin, Texas

Ryka really helped me see how I can clear up many obstacles that have been keeping me from my full potential. I look forward to implementing some changes with her words of wisdom helping me along the way. Ryka has a gift and is serious about shining light on your path and helping you recognize and clear obstacles.
Micah Allison

Austin, Texas

I had a reading today with Ryka and it was such a good experience! I felt like she lifted me up out of my dark hole and set me on my road, going again in the right direction. I needed some insight into health problems with myself and my son and she got us pointed in a new way to solve some lifelong issues. I was depressed about several other issues in my life and she helped me see how my past was still my present. (Read my mom!). I will be calling again!
Sara Nielsen

Houston, Texas

A year after my husband died from cancer, I had a reading with Ryka. At the time, I felt like I was drowning in my emotions- a sea of glass shards shredding constantly. Ryka’s guides helped me let go of all the what ifs, would haves, could haves & might have beens. Ryka channeled my guides to help me understand there was nothing that I could have done to change what happened. As a result of my reading, I have been able to let go of the pain, to live my own life & be open to new possibilities.
Karla Seidel

Winona, Minnesota

I went to Ryka for a reading trying to gain wisdom after a very cathartic experience. I was amazed at how open I was to the experience and how much territory we covered during our session. Birth experiences, life experiences, current loves and losses were all explored and common themes were uncovered. She really did lead me to see my own pain and the pain of others as well as begin the healing process. I took notes during the reading and keep coming back to them and what I learned. I highly recommend Ryka and look forward to our next session.
V. Ford

Austin, Texas

I called Ryka when I realized that we had an uninvited visitor in our home. Our fire alarms would go off in the middle of the night, we always felt a presence in the home, and the night before I called, I actually saw an apparition. I was not sure what I thought about my experience or if a medium could help, but I called first thing in the morning. Ryka and Crystal came to our house that night. They were able to connect to the spirit in our home (an old friend) very quickly. I was stunned at what she was able to tell me about my friend, stuff that she would not have known and I did not tell her. She and Crystal were eventually able to get our friend to move toward the light, and our entire home instantly felt brighter. After our spirit visitor had left, Ryka spent some time with me. She helped me to understand that I am where I am supposed to be and quickly identified some ways that I can improve myself. I felt so much lighter after speaking with her, and for the first time I really felt like I knew what I needed to do to find my happiness. Crystal used her extraordinary gift to help my husband and I rid us of some negative energy that has been hanging around for a while. We both felt extraordinary after Ryka and Crystal left. Our home felt warmer, we both felt lighter, and we both knew what we needed to do to get closer to our happiness.
Courtney Ashenbeck

Round Rock, Texas

Thank you, Ryka. You have an amazing gift and I received more than I imagined from our session. The guidance I received not only helped me release situations that I had no idea were holding me back but helped me step back into my personal power. Amazing!
Janis C

Austin, Texas

I had a two hour session with Ryka yesterday. It’s the nature of these things that one reaches out for a consultation when things are not going quite as one wants or expects. At that moment one is looking for someone to say it’s going to be alright. This is where Ryka’s real strengths lie: she is a wonderful therapeutic counselor. She has a lot of good advice for how to best see and work with your issues. She is an excellent listener and has a lot of experience with people who are struggling through transitions. The take-away piece for me is that we are all fully in control over what awaits us and much of it is guided not by Fate but by our attitude and our daily actions. One needs to be emotionally prepared for the outcomes we are hoping for and it would appear many of us are not and hence we get in the way of our own best interests. Super interesting and I would certainly recommend her for people hoping to shed some light on what makes them really tick.
Lucy Price

Austin, Texas